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Paths to Cross

Custer's Meadow, Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas by Ted Lee Eubanks
Custer’s Meadow, Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas by Ted Lee Eubanks

January is the month for writing. The time is perfect. The holidays are completed, clients lazily make their way back to the office, and I get to avoid the cold north. I try to stay on the road during the warm months, and when Christmas arrives I start the tedious process of collecting and collating all of my thoughts and work in the reports that are required. I have spent most of this month ensconced in my office, failing away at the keyboard while my two cats watched approvingly.


Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you…Satchel Paige

Looking back is a luxury that we can rarely afford. Fermata is a consultancy; we live from contract to contract. The good news is that we stay busy. The bad news is that we rarely get the opportunity to look back over our accomplishments.

Monument Rocks, Kansas, by Ted Lee Eubanks
With the year’s end approaching, perhaps we should take the time to consider our work. For example, I am currently helping Kansas develop an ecotourism strategy. Governor Brownback and Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KWPT) Secretary Robin Jennison brought me into the project to facilitate the development of the strategy. This coincides with our work on interpretive plans for the 11 Kansas byways, as well as the writing of an interpretive plan for the state byways as a whole.

The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway

Sandhills, Nebraska by Ted Lee Eubanks
The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway stretches along Highway 2 from Grand Island to Alliance, Nebraska. The byway begins east of the 98th Meredian, at the edge of the humid, forested east. The byway ends west of the 100th Meredian, in the arid, treeless grasslands of the west. With each mile a different sentence in the great American story is inscribed. The Sandhills is an iconic American landscape, a land that fundamentally changed the way Americans view the country and themselves. Fermata is honored to be developing an interpretive strategy for this byway.