Fermata Logo PNGWelcome! Here we describe our work, a thankless task. Describing what we do is difficult; showing what we do is much simpler.

Fermata_roundLet’s get the obvious question out of the way first. What is a fermata?

The fermata is a musical symbol, often called the “bird’s eye.” The fermata directs a musician to hold a note longer than indicated by the note value. In other words, the musician should sustain the musical tone until directed to continue with the score.

The fermata, in this sense of sustain, inspired Ted Eubanks to launch Fermata Inc. (the company) in 1992. He began with a rotary-dial telephone and a pick-up truck, and a fervent belief in private sector solutions for social issues such as conservation. Ted also believed that by connecting people to special places they would see value in their protection.

Connecting people to special places creates a rationale for their protection.

The webpages that follow describe our work in detail, and offer examples of what we do. Please sift through the website, and contact us if we can help you with finding specifically what you need.

Our work generally coalesces around four distinct fields – community, recreation, tourism, and conservation. Often, they overlap and interlink. For example, our sustainable tourism initiatives invariably involve communities, recreation, and conservation.

The work with a variety of places to further the interests of communities, recreation, tourism, and conservation. These places include the following:

  • Parks and Park Systems
  • Public Spaces
  • Conservation Landscapes
  • Forests
  • Beaches and Coastal Landscapes
  • KBAs (Key Biodiversity Areas)
  • Scenic Byways
  • Heritage Areas
  • Recreational Trails
  • Historic Trails
  • Interpretive Trails – Birding, Wildlife, and Nature Trails

The services that Fermata offers are interlinked as well. Recreational planning, for example, invariably leads to interpretive work. Trails lead to interpretive and wayfinding signs; signs lead to apps. The following are examples of the services that we provide. Remember; all are original.

  • Interpretive and Recreational Planning
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Resource Assessment
  • Interpretive Trail Development
  • Content Development
  • Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Research
  • Photography
  • Web and Weblog
  • Social Media
  • Mobile web
  • SmartPhone apps – Trails2go
  • QR Codes
  • Interpretive signs and printed materials