Drum Tower in Weischan by Ted Lee Eubanks

Where does Fermata work? Rarely in an office. Almost never inside. We work big, we work tiny. Fermata helps parks as large as Philadelphia’s Fairmount or millions of public acres in the PA Wilds, or as small as Canadian, Texas or Walhalla, North Dakota. Fermata’s work, though, is invariably in situ, with only the barest attempt made to labor away from or outside of such special places.

We started with a simple aspiration – to work in all 50 states. We achieved that goal years ago, and now have worked in numerous countries and several continents. With over two decades of places under our belts, it is hard to describe (or even remember) everywhere that we have visited, labored, celebrated, or simply enjoyed.

The result is an exceptional appreciation and understanding of what makes special places special. We use a wide variety of recreations, attractions, and resources to draw people to these places. We have helped hundreds of communities, sites, and facilities to enhance the visitor’s experience. We also understand that an initial visit to a park, trail, river, nature center, or byway offers the chance for broader interpretation and exploration. The Sabal Palm Sanctuary in South Texas lures birders with its endemics such as green jay and white-tipped dove, but effective interpretation can also lead visitors to Nuevo Santander, border culture, and one of the last battles in the Civil War, Palmito Ranch.

Denali, Alaska, by Ted Lee Eubanks 

The following pages describe a few of our most current projects. For additional information, please use the Fermata library. For places to be seen, to be valued, you need experienced eyes to help craft an interpretive approach. Experience comes from exposure, to the decades of work in hundreds of different cultures, ecologies, and histories. Tourists approach places as outsider, precisely why someone, a surrogate, must stand in their shoes in the analysis of what makes a place special. At Fermata, we walk that fine line between what is impressive to locals and what is attractive to those who would visit.

Let’s walk that fine line together.

Bananaquit, Jamaica, by Ted Lee Eubanks
Bananaquit, Jamaica, by Ted Lee Eubanks