Graphic Design

Plans evaporate if not cemented into place by action. Yes, we plan but we also do. Graphic design is one of those things that we do to bring our interpretive, recreation, and conservation communications plans to life. We design interpretive signs, brochures, guides, web sites, blogs, photographic exhibits, and SmartTrails to help us and our clients deliver the message to the public. Like the tree falling in the forest, what good is content if no one sees it?

For example, Ted Eubanks and Fermata designed and implemented the Faces of Flight interpretive exhibit at Houston Hobby Airport. The exhibit included over 30 of Ted’s stunning photographs, a series of  interpretive panels, and a poster that depicted the photographs in the show. Hundreds of thousands of travelers experienced the exhibit as they entered or exited the main terminal.

 In addition to interpretive signs, we also design, fabricate, and install trailblazers, wayfinding signage, and even specialty information signs (such as our signs alerting visitors to the dog regulations at NLT sanctuaries). In recent years our signs have been available through the internet as well. In fact, all of the interpretive materials that we developed for the Kansas Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway (brochure, trail guide, audio guide, interpretive signs) are available through the byway’s website (which Fermata designed as well).

Scenic Route 12 in Utah, Wetlands and Wildlife in central Kansas, the Lumber Heritage Region in Pennsylvania, the Illinois River Scenic Byway in Illinois, Beyond the Beach Discovery Trail in coastal Indiana, the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway in Nebraska, the the Coastal Heritage Preserve in Texas are but a few examples of our interpretive and graphic design work. A PDF of our portfolio is available on request.

In recent years we have expanded our work to include the digital world. We have designed web sites, blogs, social media strategies, and SmartTrails. As with all of our work, we believe that the secret (and not so secret, really) to a successful interpretive strategy is content, including design. Enlightening text when shown in a pedestrian fashion bores rather than inspires.

We know that you are inspired. Call us when you are ready to be inspiring!

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