Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR by Ted Lee Eubanks
Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR by Ted Lee Eubanks


The National Association for Interpretation defines interpretation as “a mission-based communication process that forges emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and meanings inherent in the resource. Although hardly a phrase that dances off the tongue, within the formalities of our profession this is the accepted definition. As certified interpretive trainers, this is the definition that we teach our students.

Yet beyond the words that formally define us, there are others ways of explaining what we, as interpreters, do. No, we are not translating English to Spanish. But we do take complex issues, such as nature, history, and science, and translate them into messages that can be easily and effectively understood by the public. We are part scientist, part journalist, part actor, part story teller, and park educator. If you meet a ranger in a national park, you have met an interpreter.

Interpretation is an art…the true interpreter…goes beyond the apparent to the real, beyond a part to a whole, beyond a truth to a more important truth…Freeman Tilden

Fermata’s interpretive work is a delicate balance between media and message. Today’s emerging digital media easily overshadow the message unless carefully balanced with the counterweight of effective interpretation. Without interpretation, McLuhan’s media is the message becomes a reality.

Effective interpretation, that which lifts you to a higher level of appreciation and understanding, is no accident. This is precisely why Fermata’s Ted Eubanks and many who work with us are certified guides, trainers, planners, and heritage interpreters. Please contact us for more information regarding our interpretive services. We also invite you to scan the following pages for more specifics about our interpretive work.