Emerging Media


Magnificent frigatebird by Ted Lee Eubanks
Magnificent frigatebird by Ted Lee Eubanks

Effective interpretation and communications demand effective media. For much of our history traditional media have dominated the scene. Printed books, guides, maps, brochures, rack pieces, interpretive signs, and the like have been the obligate media for decades. However, the past decade ushered in a new medium that has become too significant, too effective, to ignore. Digital media, from websites to Facebook, from iPhone apps to touch screens, are the interpretive tools of today and tomorrow.

Fermata hasn’t abandoned the traditional forms. We still design and fabricate interpretive signs, organize and print brochures and trail guides, and develop rack pieces and posters. But we also embrace these new media and technologies. We do so not because we are enamored with the whistles and bells. We embrace these new media because of the doors they open into more effective interpretation.

The interpretive content, we admit, does not change with the media. The quality of the content still determines what is or what is not effective interpretation and communication. But the best content is useless if no one reads, hears, or sees it.

We are constantly scouring the digital landscape for more effective ways of delivering content to the public. This is why we help our clients with social media (Facebook, Twitter), weblogs, websites, audio guides, podcasts, vodcasts, SEO, tags, aggregators (such as Diggit), and the like. We design and manage weblogs, develop and implement social media strategies, and write, record, and distribute podcasts, vodcasts, animations, and audio guides. The Fermata weblog that you are currently reading is an example of our work.

Interpretive content is still at the heart of our work, and no matter the popular media of the moment we will always invest in the labor and skill required to produce it. Yet we are also committed to offering our clients the most progressive means of delivering this content available. Let us see if we can help you leap into the 21st Century and to connect with entirely new audiences and opportunities.