Guerrilla Interpretation – Mobile App Vs Mobile Web

MDG Advertising has come through with another insightful infographic. Thanks, MDG Advertising! Are you trying to decide between a smartphone app or the mobile web? Here are the numbers. Of course, you can do both. Our Trails2go app, built in Drupal, can be ported to the mobile web. But for those who want to choose, consider the information below.

Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website? [infographic by MDG Advertising]
by MDG Advertising

Guerrilla Interpretation – Interpretive Furniture

Interpretive signs are dead letter files, a place where good messages go to die…Ted Lee Eubanks

Media are faddish and ephemeral. The half life of any medium has been reduced in this digital age (will anyone enjoy Guttenberg’s run ever again?). What’s in today (Snapchat) evaporates tomorrow (Myspace).

Yet, interpreters hang on to media well after their shelf life has expired. Campfires, anyone? Why?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…Albert Einstein

Guerrilla Interpretation – All About That Media

We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us…Marshall McLuhan

Imagery shapes our understanding and appreciation of the world around us. Once skills for the trained or talented (painting, drawing, photography), imagery, in the form of digital photography, is now in the hands of Everyman. There are 350 million photos posted on Facebook every day.

Images has taken the place of the written word in our post-literate society, replacing the words with logograms, symbols, and icons. With an unmatched immediacy,  intimacy, and individuality, imagery is replacing extended discourse and explication with emotional shorthand. Using a much-abused proverb, in this post-literate environment, every picture tells a story.

Guerrilla Interpretation – Introduction

Interpretation is an art…the true interpreter…goes beyond the apparent to the real, beyond a part to a whole, beyond a truth to a more important truth…Freeman Tilden

The year is 1957. A journalist, playwright, novelist, and radio scriptwriter has wandered the nation in search of interpretive meaning, of the greater truth beyond truth. Freeman Tilden’s charge is to study national park interpretation, and to devise a handbook for future interpreters-in-waiting. Tilden is 74 when the book is published in 1957, a child of the Progressive Movement addressing a Cold War audience.

Consider the nation in the year that Interpreting Our Heritage hits the shelves:

The Interpreter’s Eye – Macro Photography

Eyes of a royal river cruiser (Macromia taeniolata), Austin, Texas, by Ted Lee Eubanks
Eyes of a royal river cruiser (Macromia taeniolata), Austin, Texas, by Ted Lee Eubanks

Macro lenses are to close subjects what telephotos are to the distant. A macro lens magnifies a subject well beyond what the viewer would see in real life. The macro opens a window into the world that exists beneath our gaze.

I bought my first macro lens in the early 1970s. I clearly recall shooting my first roll of film with that Canon 50 mm macro, and how transformed I felt when I viewed the slides for the first time. Those slides of roses were the work of a photographer, I thought.